One of the projects that we are often required to work on is the installation of a temporary roof. This particular Barnstaple temporary roof was for a BT building. Now why a temporary roof? Well, the building is about to undergo construction work for a new permanent roof meaning the entire roof will be replaced. To prevent water damage and leaving the internal building exposed, a temporary solution has to be installed to make the building watertight.

Installing a Temporary Roof in Barnstaple

Installing the temporary roof over the existing one means that when the work to construct the permanent roofing structure commences, the building is not exposed to the elements. Imagine trying to complete a big project like that in this country. You could be waiting weeks for a break in the weather long enough to install a roof.

You Can’t Rely on the British Weather

Thanks to the good old British rain, it’s important to find a solution that works for all. This way, any delays to the project, ¬†can be managed without the additional stress and hassle. Once the new roof is in and watertight, our job is to go back in and take down the temporary one. It’s not the first time we have carried out work of this nature. Our team have the necessary skills and experience to complete the job to the highest standards as required by our NASC Accreditation.

Providing Scaffolding and Temporary Roof Solutions Across South West

2020 has seen us travel up and down the South West counties during somewhat uncertain times. From scaffolding structures in Swindon to new brewery developments in Devon, we have certainly covered a large area this year. We would just like to thank all of our customers and our staff and wish everyone a happy new year – may 2021 be a bit more accommodating for all.

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