Health and safety is of paramount importance when it comes to operating our South West scaffolding business. It is critical that we provide a service that considers the welfare of not only our customers and the general public but also of the team that work for us. 

Safety first for our South West scaffolding business

That is why we continually work to maintain our excellent safety standards and to develop and train new members of our team. We often send our staff on training and awareness courses to ensure that they are kept up to date with policies, regulations and working standards. 

Recent team training

Recently the team have been on a safety course for harness awareness, working at heights and TG:20 and SG4 training to keep everyone up to date with any new and current regulations. As with most industries, standards change, rules are amended, regulations are improved and there are new standards that need to be adhered to. It is important to us that our staff are fully briefed and aware and our responsibility to make sure that they understand the various aspects of health and safety required when it comes to Scaffolding. 

Developing our future team

We also like to develop the members of our team in other areas so we were delighted that one of the team recently passed his HGV driving test. This frees up time for those skilled in other areas. It also means that we can continue to grow and expand and bring new members of staff on board. 

hgv drivers test

As our South West scaffolding business continues to grow and develop we will pursue other opportunities for our team to ensure that we are able to offer our customers the very best in quality and service. If you would like to discuss your commercial or domestic scaffolding requirements with us, please do get in touch on 01752 719515.


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