Another successful south west church scaffolding project completed by the Drake Scaffolding team. This time at Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Tavistock, Devon. Built in 1865-7, the church was commissioned by William, the eight Duke of Bedford to provide a place of Anglican worship for miners. At this time the town of Tavistock was expanding following the growth of the local copper industry. The architect was Henry Clutton. Like all old buildings, regular repairs and maintenance works are required to keep the building in it’s original condition.

A Large South West Church Scaffolding Project

This church is such a big structure that it is quite a job to fulfil. This time we used powered access to work the kit up and make access a little bit easier. Still no mean fest though, getting all that scaffolding in situ ready for the church repair work and working at such heights also requires a confident team that know what they are doing.

Repair Work to the Stonework and Masonry

The repair work required is to the stonework and masonry as well as a good clean. It’s always difficult with older buildings like this. You have to take the greatest care when erecting the scaffold so as not to cause any damage to the structure of the building but we have carried out many church scaffolding projects before so it’s not an issue as the team are experienced and know what they are doing. 

Our Namesake

As well as being immensely proud of the work that we carry out, we also love the fact that the Sir Francis Drake statue is near by. Seems rather apt given he was the inspiration for the name of our company. There he is standing proudly with the church standing tall in the background. 

Sir Francis Drake Tavistock

While we have finished the external scaffolding structure, we are now carrying out internal work so that the work required to the inside of this Tavistock church can be completed. A great south west church scaffolding project completed. If you would like to discuss your commercial scaffolding requirements, please get in touch 01752 719515.