When choosing a South West company to carry out work for your scaffolding project, there are a number of things to consider. You may have a few companies that you wish to discuss your project with, basing your decision largely on timeframes and budgets but there is a lot more that you should be looking at. We take a look at what to consider when choosing South West commercial scaffolders

1. Online Presence

When you Google the company, what do you find? Are they listed? Do they have a website, are they on Google Maps, can you find other references to them? This is important because this will determine how easy they are to get hold of and give you the opportunity to find out more about them.

2. What Do Others Say?

Reviews are an excellent source of information and reassurance when making a decision. They give you confidence in a company and on the whole will tell you what others think or say about them. Google Reviews, Facebook reviews… they will all give you a great indication of the kind of South West scaffolding company that you are dealing with.

3. Examples of Their Work

You may be wondering why you would want to look at pictures of scaffolding projects – after all, doesn’t it all look the same? What you’re actually looking for is the kind of structures that the company use, if they can cater for the kind of project that you need and that they can show a variety of work.

  • Have they worked on listed buildings before?
  • Do they cater for large and small jobs?
  • Is their work varied?
  • Can they display several examples of their work?

A gallery on their website, examples of projects on their social media – all of this will help you discover what kind of company they are and the kind of projects that they can deliver and whether they are suitable for your scaffolding project.

4. Insurance for Your Scaffolding Project

It is critical that the scaffolding company that you choose has the necessary insurance. They should be able to show you proof of this and to explain the type and amount of insurance they have if asked. Don’t be afraid to ask this as well. If you are a contractor, working for a company to provide a new roof, redecoration or something else, you need to ensure that everyone working on the project is insured should anything happen.

5. Accreditations, Licences and Training

As well as insurance, check the accreditations that the company has. What logos do they display on their website and what training do they mention? Are they NASC accredited and trained? Do they adhere to industry standard rules and regulations? Do they use all the necessary safety equipment and offer assurances of this?

6. Deadlines and Timeframes

Do you need the project completed by a certain time? Are you working to specific deadlines? If so, you will require a scaffolding company that can accommodate these deadlines and time frames before you commit to hiring them,

7. Are They Accommodating?

When working on public buildings such as schools, shopping centres or buildings where there is a lot of footfall, often you need to work around the visitors, students and employees. Will the company work in school holidays, at times to fit around your busiest times or when you specify? Are they used to working on buildings where public access is required. If you are working on buildings with residents, can they work around this?

8. Do They Know Their Stuff?

It is easy to get a feel for a company by the way in which they answer your questions and the information that they can provide. Are they knowledgeable, confident and able to answer your queries? Do they understand what it is that you are trying to achieve and instil you with confidence that they can help?

9. Following the Correct Procedures

All work should begin with a site survey. When you are discussing your scaffolding project requirements, this is the first part of the process. You should only deal with a company that offer a site survey and inspection before starting any work.

10. Are They Friendly and Helpful?

Getting along with someone that you are working with is important and you should be able to get a feeling for a company from those initial conversations. Choose a South West scaffolding company that are friendly and helpful and that you get along with. While we aren’t saying you need to be best friends, you do want someone that you feel comfortable and confident in.

If you would like to discuss your scaffolding project with us (because to be honest, we tick all of the boxes above), please get in touch. You can contact us on 01752 719515