Much of the South West scaffolding work we do is for contractors. Usually it’s because they need high level access for roofing, restoration, decoration or cleaning. Over the years we have built great working relationships with local businesses that have used Drake scaffolding for South West contractors projects. One such company is Falcon Environmental Services who specialise in South West and Plymouth bird control as well as large power cleaning projects.

Drake Scaffolding and Falcon Environmental Services have worked together on many occasions now. Usually we provide the scaffolding for Matt and the boys to either power wash a larger establishment or building or for them to carry out their bird proofing services. On this most recent occasion, the project we collaborated on was a large housing association.

We love working with local companies, establishing good connections and building strong working relationships such as the one we have built over the years with Falcon.

Scaffolding for South West Contractors

We are particularly lucky to be able to work with local companies like this. They know what they want and they make it easy to work with them. A lot of their work is centred around the South West area, much the same as us, so it’s never an issue to provide the scaffolding for their requirements.

This large housing association building needed cleaning as well as other minor repairs and decoration. We provided the scaffolding and then the Falcon team went in to carry out the power washing. While the opportunity was there, others were called in to carry out minor repair and decoration work.

Working to Project Deadlines

Having provided scaffolding for South West contractors on many occasions now, we are aware of the deadlines and pressures that contractors face. We like to make the project as smooth as possible for all concerned so will agree to deadlines ensuring that we work to them.

Once the work is complete, we will then go in and take down the scaffolding with little interruption to residents, staff or visitors. We are often working around people so have to give special consideration to this. Not to mention the strict adherence to social distancing and health and safety measures.

If you would like to discuss your project, feel free to get in touch. We are also happy to recommend Falcon Environmental Services for all your bird control and commercial cleaning requirements. You can contact us on 01752 719515.