A core part of our work here at Drake Scaffolding involves working on a variety of Plymouth scaffolding commercial projects. This includes new developments, housing associations, churches, listed buildings, office blocks and more. While we work on a number of “large” commercial projects, we also do quite a lot of smaller “street side” work where we are required to work on busy roads, next to public walkways and often when businesses are still “open for business”. The following Plymouth commercial scaffolding projects are all examples of these smaller jobs and show some of the challenges that we face and how our team always rise to the challenge.

Scaffolding for Repair and Redecoration

Often the work is carried out for much needed repair or decoration but the businesses still need to remain open to the public. Obviously, as you will be have experienced yourself, when you add scaffolding to a building that is on a pavement or walkway, you are often required, as a member of the public, to walk under it or around it. This means we have to be sure that the scaffolding that we erect is steady, sturdy and safe.

Regular Contract Scaffolding Work

We always pay 110% attention to the safety of our scaffold structures and the way in which we work, it’s why we get called back to for further work by our regular customers. Much of our work is carried out every few years or various maintenance is required at various intervals. This means we find ourselves called back to work on projects that we have previously worked on. The below housing association scaffolding project is one such example.

This housing association project is a building that we have erected Plymouth scaffolding for before. It is always great to be asked back to carry out work again. We hope that comes from the quality of our work and our commitment to providing a great service. We are lucky to have a great team and an excellent reputation in the local area and beyond. 

Tailored Plymouth Scaffolding Commercial Projects  

This particular project wasn’t entirely straightforward. Due to access requirements and the fact that the side road had to remain open. We did have to instruct our engineer to design a “gantry scaffold” for us to allow this structure to happen. As you can see from the below picture, having the entire building scaffolded all the way around would have meant that the scaffold structure would have extended into the road, blocking the access to traffic. To avoid this, we were able to design it around the road and ensure that the gantry overhead allowed for traffic to pass through unhindered.

Plymouth housing association scaffolding

Working Without Disruption 

This kind of structure is not a problem for us because of our experience and knowledge. We must ensure that the contractors can carry out work without disruption to the local traffic and without hindering passersby and residents. This is one of our primary concerns, after the obvious health and safety issues that is. Fortunately, our wealth of experience and knowledge, alongside the brilliant team that we work with, allows us to plan for all eventualities and provide exactly what the project demands.

Plymouth Scaffolding for the Maritime Pub

The Maritime Pub at Plymouth Barbican was booked for a full redecoration in another of our Plymouth commercial scaffolding projects. From the pics below you can see that we had to be very mindful of the fact that it is surrounded by public walkways. Therefore, as with so many of our Plymouth scaffolding commercial projects, we had to be careful when constructing this scaffold to ensure that we didn’t cause too much disruption for members of the public walking by.

Health and safety is paramount at all times but especially when working in such close proximity to the public. In addition to this, you will see that the sign says “open as usual”. Another challenge as we working while people were going in and out of the building.

It’s not a problem for our team who are used to working under such conditions. They are extremely mindful of the access needed and requirement for minimum disruption to the business. This particular Plymouth scaffolding commercial project is also a multi-storey building. This requires the construction of several access platforms for each level with access required on all sides of the building.

More Street Side Projects

It doesn’t end there – we have a a whole portfolio of jobs of this nature that we have completed. Here are just a few more examples. You will see that they include small businesses that rely on their every day trade to survive. These businesses would close their doors at great cost so it is important, especially after the disruption caused by the pandemic, that we enable them to stay open for business. We don’t just work on commercial projects though – we also do a lot of residential work where the properties are close to the street. Much of the time the scaffolding is required for roof repairs on larger properties or on redecoration of an entire building.

We are very proud of the team that we have in place and the work that they carry out. If you would like to discuss your Plymouth scaffolding requirements with us, or indeed further afield across the South West, please call 01752 719515.

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