Our most recent project was a bit different to the usual projects that we work on. This particular South West contract scaffolding project, at student accommodation in Plymouth, involved the entire roof being replaced as well as new downpipes being fitted. But why did we need to take a different approach and what was the overall objective of the Plymouth roof scaffolding that we provided?

Transporting Heavy Materials

As heavy items were needed to reach the roof in order for the team to carry out their job, rather than having the usual ladders, we were asked to attach pre-fabricated staircases at various points around the building and construct a bespoke roof scaffolding structure. In addition to this, we also added a goods hoist to the staircase so that heavy materials could be lifted up to the roof. This did mean that we didn’t have to construct scaffolding and platforms across the entire elevation and that we could just add it in the most appropriate sections. 

The pictures below show exactly what was required for this project and you can the staircases that have been erected and where they are positioned. This was the most logistical place for the staircases but we also had to build scaffold at the location of the downpipes which needed replacing and the staircases. 

Bespoke Plymouth Roof Scaffolding

Working with the contractors, we were able to first survey the site and then come up with a plan which best suited the requirements of the job and the team involved. Our team worked efficiently and effectively to come up with the most suitable solutions before getting to work to build staircases and structures that were safe and strong. 

It’s then over to the team to carry out the re-roofing work and the replacement of the downpipes before we go back to take down the structures and leave the building as it was when we found it (aside from the new work that has been carried out).

If you have a South West scaffolding requirement that is a little different to the usual requests, talk to us and let us work with you to come up with the best solutions.