A new year brings new challenges and opportunities and, while we might be in the midst of a third lockdown, it’s business as usual (as far as possible) at Drake Scaffolding, Plymouth NASC scaffolding contractors. Of course, our team are extremely vigilant when it comes to health and safety, adhering to the government guidelines on social distancing and recommended safety procedures.

Local Plymouth Scaffolding Project

One of our first local Plymouth scaffolding projects to be completed this year was at HMS Drake, the Royal Navy barracks in Plymouth Dockyard. This was quite a big project for us, not so much because of the work involved but because being approved to work there is quite an achievement.

Strict Guidelines

The project wasn’t complex but to be able to work on the site, you have to prove that you work to a safe standard and pass very detailed checks. As you would expect with any military site, everything is thoroughly checked to ensure that we are adhering to the latest guidelines and legislations. Our operatives have to undergo strict security checks to be awarded a pass to actually work on the site.

Fixing a Leaking Roof Gully

The project itself was to fix a leaking gully on the roof of the senior rates mess. To enable the contractors to access the roof space they needed a reliable scaffolding structure. Our team worked carefully and efficiently to erect the scaffold to enable the roofers to do their job.

Plymouth NASC Scaffolding Contractors

We are very much looking forward to what the rest of the year has to offer and as Plymouth NASC scaffolding contractors, we are expecting a busy year with lots of opportunities.

If you would like to discuss your scaffolding requirements, please get in touch on 01752 719515. We will be happy to offer a no obligation quotation.

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