Whilst we do offer our scaffolding services across the South West covering the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, as a local company, we get enquiries to work on a number of local Plymouth scaffolding projects. One area which we seem to do a lot of work for is housing associations. In fact, this time, it was not one building but two in the same street. The team at Drake were recently commissioned to undertake this local Plymouth scaffolding project in preparation for the contractors to carry out the repair and maintenance work.

Local Plymouth Scaffolding

The scaffolding was required by a team of contractors to give these buildings a new lease of life with a full property makeover. This includes a new roof an external paint job and new windows. Of course, safety is always a priority but in these current times we are working during a pandemic so as well as making sure we pay particular attention to the safety of the structure for those using it while protecting residents and passersby, we also have to be full aware of social distancing guidelines. Luckily, our work does not require us to enter the premises and most of it is at height. Because of this, we are able to keep our distance and go about our business without disruption to others.

Working to a Deadline

The team are fully aware of the fact that these buildings are lived in and therefore we try and keep noise and mess to a minimum and respect the tenants that inhabit the buildings. Not only do we have to be aware of the residents and passersby, often these local Plymouth scaffolding projects are required to be carried out by a deadline. The contractors have to be able to complete their work and we have to get the structure ready for them to be able to do the work. That is never a problem for this local Plymouth scaffolding company and we are very proud of our reputation for being able to deliver a project on time.

Get in Touch to Discuss Your Project

While we take a minute to recap this project, the team are already hard at work on the next project, details of which are to follow. Whether it’s a domestic job or a large commercial scaffolding project across the areas of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset or Somerset, we would be happy to discuss your project. contact us on 01752 719515

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