At Drake we undertake all kinds of scaffolding jobs but we are very well equipped to deal with large south west scaffolding projects like this recent job in Union Street Plymouth.

A Large South West Scaffolding Project Requires a Big Team.

This particular project required 8 scaffolders in total and it took 4 weeks to get the scaffolding up across the whole social housing accommodation. As usual, we were working to a deadline for the decorating contractors to begin their work.

Access for Contractors to Complete the Work

In need of redecorating, getting access to complete a project of this size can be tricky which is why extensive scaffolding is required. At Drake Scaffolding we are no stranger to large  south west scaffolding projects and our team were able to carry out the work in their usual professional and efficient manner with minimum disruption, particularly to the residents of the buildings.

Safety for All Involved

There are so many elements to consider when carrying out a project like this. It’s not only the safest y of our team but we have to think about the decorators and making sure that they had the access that they need to reach all areas safely. Then there are the residents to consider. While we work to normal daylight hours, there are still residents coming and going throughout the day as well as visitors. We have to make sure that our work doesn’t disrupt them, block their access or cause issues. Luckily, we have a team that understands how important that is and do their best to keep noise and disruption to a minimum.

After the Decorating is Complete

The job doesn’t end there. Once the decorators have finished their work, we will be going back into to remove the scaffold and to leave the site as though we were never there.

large south west scaffolding projects

If you wish to discuss your scaffolding requirements then please do get in touch on 01752 719515 and if you have a large south west scaffolding project, we are more than equipped to help.