It’s always so satisfying to finish a project like this and to watch it as it all comes together. We love this type of work but it’s important to not have a fear of heights when it comes to church scaffolding, especially when they are as big as St Andrews in Plymouth. Kudos to the team who have just finished constructing the required scaffolding for the upcoming restoration work.

Large Church Scaffolding Project

As you can see from the photos, this Plymouth church scaffolding project was quite intricate and had to be done in stages. Church scaffolding is a delicate procedure with great care and attention required. These listed buildings are often very old and need handling with the utmost care which affects the type of scaffolding that we can install and the materials/structure required. Our team are highly skilled and experienced though so this is all part of the job for us. It’s not the first church that we have worked on. It wasn’t too long ago that we had a similar project at Walkhampton Church.

Restoration Work Can Now Be Carried Out

The church can now be repointed and the minor repair works carried out by the contractors to maintain and restore this beautiful building and ensure that it survives another few hundred years. Once it’s done, we will go back in and deconstruct the scaffolding safely and effectively as if we were never there.

Contact us to Discuss Church Scaffolding

If you would like to discuss a contract scaffolding project in Plymouth or across the South West or have a delicate project such as this, get in touch. We are happy to discuss your requirements. Before we carry out any work, we survey the site and produce drawings as well as understanding the timings and specifications of the work needed. Call us on 01752 719515.


Great Start to the Year for Plymouth NASC Scaffolding Contractors