We are often called in to work on commercial and domestic scaffolding projects across Plymouth and the surrounding areas of Devon but not all of the jobs are as pretty and historic as buildings like this. This particular project is Walkhampton Church which is in need of repairs to the concrete and repointing. While our job is not to carry out the repairs, we need to be able to provide safe and easy access to the team that will be.

It’s not an easy task to erect scaffolding on such a historic building and the team have to be very careful and work diligently. As usual though they have put in a sterling effort and are making great progress. It always helps when the sun is shining and the weather is kind.

Devon Church Scaffolding

Devon church scaffolding requires a level of sensitivity and care that you won’t find with every scaffolding team so you need to choose one that is equipped and able to deal with the job. This wasn’t just a case of erecting the scaffolding, a design drawing had to be completed before the construction could commence. These buildings are sometimes centuries old and need to be handled with great care and consideration.


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