The team at Drake Scaffolding have been really busy over the last couple of months completing this Tavistock temporary roof to to the old magistrates building in the town. The large-scale project took 8 weeks in total and required a very detailed engineers drawing and calculations to follow.

Tavistock Temporary Roof Structure for Refurbishments

The reason behind the Tavistock temporary roof structure is so that builders can re-point and re-roof the building under cover and without any interruption from the bad weather as the building is exposed when they remove the old roof.

Tavistock Temporary Roof Structure to Protect the Building

The structure is also having a large re-fit inside. Because of the nature of the building and its age, there are very strict English Heritage guidelines to adhere to. You can’t use the usual methods so other workarounds are involved. All of this has to be completed without compromising on safety or quality of the work.

More Traditional Methods Have to be Used

Usually, as part of the process, we would drill into the walls of a building so that the scaffolding can be tied to the structure however English Heritage wouldn’t allow us to so. Instead the engineers had to plan for window ties and parapet ties. this method is very rarely used these days but has to be inc  the case of listed buildings of his nature.

Temporary Roof Structure is Weather Proof

Because the temporary roofing structure is now in place, the builders can get on with the job of removing the old roof without the building sustaining any rain damage in the bad weather. They can also enjoy working without the rain hampering their efforts and the building works can be carried out quickly and in the dry.

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