There are many reasons that you might require a professional and certified scaffolding firm for your Exeter scaffolding projects. From small domestic projects to large construction jobs, we are asked to provide Exeter scaffolding for a number of reasons. At Drake Scaffolding, we cover a large area of the South West primarily in Plymouth and Exeter as well as surrounding towns and suburbs. As such we have lots of experience in many different types of jobs. From listed buildings to new housing developments, our work is varied and skilled with an Exeter scaffolding team who are highly experienced and able to undertake any number of projects.

Exeter scaffolding projects that we undertake

Construction projects

New housing builds and commercial office builds are among our large construction projects. In order to complete the upper levels of the buildings, it is necessary to provide access via scaffolding. We are also asked to provide Exeter scaffolding for large extensions or roofing jobs.

house building scaffolding exeter

Scaffolding is regularly used in the latter stages housing construction projects


If a property is being renovated, often access is required to the upper parts of the building to allow construction workers safe and reliable access. We have recently completed a local job where we were asked to scaffold a total of nine large apartment blocks in order for them to be able to make repairs to roofs and to redecorate the buildings. Our team worked quickly and effectively to carry out the required works.

roofing repair scaffolding exeter

In order to carry out roofing repairs and replacements successfully, scaffolding is often required


There are many older, larger buildings in the city of Exeter especially around areas such as Southernhay and Cathedral House. These buildings often need redecoration or repair, particularly given their age. With such large buildings, ladders are an impossible feat so scaffolding is required to be able to carry out work effectively to the structures.

large scaffolding projects exeter

With large, historic buildings, scaffolding is critical

Safety is paramount

Property owners that want to carry out redecoration or roofing projects themselves can underestimate what is required to complete the job safely. We understand that you want to be able to carry out the work at a cost that is as low as possible. However, cheap or low cost can incur risks that aren’t worth taking. It is never worth the risk to try and cut corners and miss out on these safety aspects. A reputable scaffolding company with all of the correct accreditation and insurance is best. Providing a safe platform for your construction workers to be able to carry out the work should be the priority.

At Drake Scaffolding we take our job very seriously. We undertake all Exeter scaffolding projects with a commitment and dedication to ensuring that the job is done well. We are experienced and well insured and work to the strictest industry regulations. To find out more about what we offer and to arrange a site survey and inspection, please contact us. We are just a phone call away.