Scaffolding is used in many Exeter building projects, from domestic renovations to large-scale commercial applications. But when would your business need an Exeter scaffolding company and why?

Safer working

Scaffolding in a temporary platform system that allows workers to safely work at height. It can be used externally and internally. There are many reasons why scaffolding is the better option:

  • Reliable and safe – Working at Height regulations is just one of many health and safety issues that business abide by with scaffolding at Exeter businesses proven to be reliable and safe over and over again. Inspected regularly, it provides the ideal platform to complete a variety of tasks from painting to repairs.
  • Reach awkward areas – Not every property is the ‘perfect shape’ and that means awkward areas that are difficult to reach. A scaffold tower is an ideal solution as it can be manoeuvred or built-in position that makes reaching every part of your building, inside and out, easier (and safer!).
  • Easy to set up – Scaffolding is a bespoke solution. In other words, a scaffolding team build it to that it hugs the curves and shape of a building perfectly. It takes skill to do this and with different types of scaffolding options, it is important that any scaffold solutions are created and maintained by professionals.
  • Flexible and convenient – It may be that the scaffold solution you need needs to be in situ for some time or, you may need another option. For example, once one task is completed, the scaffold tower needs to be manoeuvred to a new position. Scaffolding is a solution to all kinds of needs, another reason why so many businesses opt to invest in it as part of their maintenance budget.
  • A self-supporting structure – Scaffolding is constructed in a way that means it is self-supporting and that means no damage to the internal or exterior walls of your building.

When Exeter scaffolding is used

The Working at Height 2005 regulations do not specify a minimum height from which scaffolding or other measures must be used. Instead, it advocates planning and managing working at height when there is a significant risk of injury should someone fall.

Scaffolding is a safe option for workers, but you may think it too cumbersome a solution. It does, after all, take time to build and dismantle. Or does it?

As a company providing commercial scaffolding in Exeter our team can design and build your tower, big or small, in a relatively small amount of time. And when your project is complete, we remove the scaffolding quickly and safely.

It can be used for a range of projects including maintenance and repairs of a building (inside and out), as well as inspecting a building, painting or cleaning.

Hiring the best commercial Exeter scaffolding company 

In most cases, any work taking place four feet above a lower level is best completed using scaffolding, with protection from falling fitted above 10 feet. The maximum height is determined by the ‘footprint’ of the tower or construction.

Working at height needs to be properly planned and managed – commercial scaffolding in Exeter is part of that process. To find out more about our services and how we can help with your Exeter scaffolding project, please get in touch.