Recently, the team at Drake Scaffolding have completed another Exeter commercial scaffolding project. This time we were required to construct the scaffolding for a large block of flats in Exeter. The building required general maintenance work which involved power washing and decorating. As you can see from the picture, it was a large job with quite a lot of work involved.

Exeter commercial scaffolding

When extensive maintenance like this is required, proper access is needed for the Exeter decorating and cleaning contractors¬†so that they have full access to the entire building. With a three-storey building of this nature, ladders just aren’t enough to provide safe and effective access. Instead, the scaffolding allows us to erect platforms at each level to allow safe and easy movement around the whole exterior of the flats.

Quick and easy for the contractors

Having the Exeter commercial scaffolding of this nature makes it a much quicker and accessible job with the minimum of disruption required. We go in, construct the scaffold and then the contractors go in and carry out their job. We then go back in and remove the scaffolding and the building is left looking like new with no trace of us having been there.

exeter commercial scaffolding

Safety of the residents

Of course, these flats are occupied by residents so we have to pay the utmost attention to their safety and ensure that their access is not obstructed and that they can come and go without any fuss. We work, as usual to the deadlines required and make sure that we provide the utmost care and protection for all residents, contractors and passers-by.

For any aspect of Exeter commercial scaffolding work that you might require, we are happy to provide a full site inspection and survey and discuss your project in further details. Simply get in touch on 01752 219515 to discuss your project.