While you may think that choosing a South West Scaffolding company is as easy as going to Google and clicking on the first companies that you see, there is actually a lot more to consider. We take a look at five tips for choosing the right company.


When it comes to scaffolding, safety is paramount. You need to ensure that both the people working on your site and any residents or visitors to the site are protected from potential incidents. Choose a company that have staff trained to NASC rules and regulations and that all scaffolds come with NASC TG20:13 Compliance Sheets. Check out the company’s website and see what they have to say about health and safety. This should give you some reassurance that it is a primary concern for them.

south west scaffolding company

Choose a professional company that put safety first


It is a legal requirement for all UK scaffolding companies to have insurance and liability cover. When hiring a South West scaffolding company across the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, it is your job to check this. A reputable and experienced scaffolding company will have no problem with producing these documents.


If you are talking to a South West scaffolding company then you will be able to get a better idea of their experience by researching their company and by talking to them. Do they have a website and a social media presence? Does their website have a gallery displaying examples of the work that they have done? Do they have testimonials or online reviews? All of these are indicators of the experience that they have. If you can’t find any relevant information online ask them who they have carried out work for and if they have any references.


It is important, when considering the budget for your scaffolding job, that you take a number of factors into consideration. Usually people will get three quotes for the work and be tempted to go with the cheapest. Now while there are many South West scaffolding companies across the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, there are some that will be under-priced, some that will be overpriced and some that will price according to the size and requirements of the job. You need to ensure that the price you are paying is fair and that you aren’t overcharged due to lack of knowledge ort that you don’t pay someone on the cheap to cut corners.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

Obviously, you want a company that turn up when they say they will and can complete the job effectively and without any problem. You will get an idea of their experience and knowledge from that first consultation. They should be able to reassure you and offer expert advice and provide you with all of the information that you require. If in doubt look online at their Facebook page and Google page to see if they have any online reviews. This will also help to determine the experience of others. If they are recommended to you this should be a strong indication that they offer a good service.

When making your decision you will probably find that you reach a short list of potential candidates. At this point you need to ensure that they are able to offer everything listed above and that you feel comfortable with making the decision to award them the project.

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