The city of Exeter is full of a mixture of cultural, historical and more modern buildings which regularly need maintenance, decoration or repair. What happens when you are called in to repair the upper floors or roofs of these buildings or if an office block needs redecoration?

Well, if you are working on a commercial project that requires elevated access then you are going to need a reliable, safe and well insured Exeter scaffolding company to ensure that you get the equipment you need to carry out the job.

Choosing an Exeter scaffolding company

When you are executing a commercial project, you are obviously going to want to be able to work to a budget and cost will be one of your considerations however with such risks at stake this should be one of those aspects that should be further down your list of priorities.

Safety is the number one priority

Your first priority is to the safety of your team, your clients and the general public. You need scaffolding that is erected safely and that is going to withstand your team walking around on it. As well as ensuring that the equipment is safe and secure you also need to ensure that the scaffolding company that you choose a team that are trained to NASC rules and regulations and that all of their scaffolds come with NASC TG20:13 Compliance Sheets.

Do they have the right level of insurance?

While you are going to be choosing an Exeter scaffolding company that offer safe and secure scaffolds and comply to the proper regulations and standards, you also need to be isnure that they are adequately insured in the case of any accidents. While every effort will be made to ensure this doesn’t happen there must be the correct insurance documents available on request.

Site surveys and risk assessments

A professional scaffolding company will first carry out a survey of your site and a detailed risk assessment before providing you with a quote for the project. This is your first indication that you are choosing a professional company that take the safety of your team and of everyone in the vicinity seriously. Only once this has been carried out should you consider hiring them.

Ask for references

With such a lot at stake it is important that you ask for references, check out their website and have a look at online reviews. What you don’t want is a company that can promise the earth but don’t deliver. Spend some time talking to a few scaffolding companies but makes sure you base your final decision on the facts and the advice given above.

At Drake Scaffolding we are happy to discuss your scaffolding requirements with you. We operate across the South West in the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset across cities like Plymouth, Exeter and Truro. Call us for further information.