South West Scaffolding

When it comes to your South West scaffolding project, whether it’s a large or small commercial or domestic scaffolding job, there are many reasons why you should choose the team at Drake Scaffolding. Not only are we reliable, experienced and skilled at what we do, we are also dedicated to making sure that we work around our clients with minimum disruption and to ensure that the South West scaffolding structure meets the requirements of what is needed to complete the work effectively. There are many reasons why you should choose us. Take this example of a recent South West project as an example.

An important project for the Drake Scaffolding team

This particular project was an important commercial job for the team and a perfect example of when it is imperative to stick to deadlines and consider the needs of the property and the people who use it. This project was for a school. As an older building, it was time for some renovations and repairs to the roof by local company Stormforce Roofing. In order for them to be able to access the roof safely, it was critical that they had safe and easy equipment on which to do so. In order to make the necessary areas accessible, we had to plan the structure to give the access required.

Health and safety is a priority

Of course, we are always extremely vigilant and pay the utmost attention to the health and safety of our team, the construction workers that carry out any work and the local public, none more so than when it is a school. With children needing to be able to safely access the building, health and safety is always a number one priority for our company.

south west scaffolding project

Another safely completed South West scaffolding project

With a tight deadline, the team worked really hard. It was a very long day, to make sure that this project was completed. We had to work within the timeframe required but also with a commitment to safety. The roofing team were then able to go in the next day and undertake the work safely and effectively.

Regulated and accredited

All of the team at Drake Scaffolding are trained to NASC regulations and we are CHAS accredited and CITB certified. As with every job our company carry out a full site survey and inspection prior to commencing any services. We don’t just turn up with the tubes and boards to the Devon or Cornwall site and start work. The team make sure that they know exactly what they are dealing with and what is required of them first. The structure of the scaffold is planned to ensure that we have the right access points. The boards must be in the correct place and the contractors need to be able to move around safely and effectively in order to carry out the works to the roof.

If you have an enquiry about or requirement for your South West scaffolding project either for commercial or industrial scaffolding, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our company offers scaffolding services across the Plymouth, Exeter, Torbay, Newton Abbot, Dartington, Totnes and the surrounding towns and cities of Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. Contact us today on telephone number 01752 719515 to get a site survey or to inquire about any aspect of our services.